Friday, May 26, 2017


This blog has proved most amazing even with all the search engine hits and the scam spam robot hits goofing up my stats. This blog averages over 100 hits per day, equivalent to 3000 hits per month. Of course, I have lost contact with three of my most important dance groups and the hits are already slowing down. My counters are not 100% accurate but good enough to tell me when I am just beating my gums.  I know where I am at. Meanwhile, I must beat the bushes and look around. You want to communicate to West Oahu? Dis Da Place.

"Live life fully while you are here - Experience everything - Take care of your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird - Go out and screw up. You are going to do it anyway - you might as well enjoy it. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes, find the causes and eliminate them. Don't try to be perfect - just be a good example of being human."

Understanding of blogging in our dance scene is coming to light. The announcements in our publications are a very small part of any communication. The larger part is what happened at your function and the accompanying photos that are included in the blog. And a photo album is not necessary for our readers. Then comes the Night Club dance locations in West Oahu that would realize the same advantage. Of course we have the entire section all the way to Makaha and including the North Shore to help.

"Nanakuli Blues" by Don Ho

The reader/dancers are going through some eye-opening territory, music, of course, which is the basis of all dance plus the very basic, basic moves in any dance. Gradually, as the readership of our blogosphere increases, there may be new definitions forming out in our blogging dance world. There are many dance groups that are not included at present but no offense intended. Ethnic dancing is appreciated by us but not ordinarily included in our kuleana. The young with their ever increasing new moves and dances are minimized but it has been their choice for centuries.

"Social Dancers may dance just to feel good - they may dance to feel better - they may dance to mend a broken heart - or they may just dance."

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