Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Web Sites

There is a difference between a Web Site and a Blog Site.

But then everybody seems to know that they may be quite different. Of course, we do not want clones.  Web sites are older and more stable than Blog sites and many are very different from each other. Nothing wrong there and they have very pertinent information which does not require updating very often. In a dance web site, you could have all your officers listed and the dance teachers and those would be basic. And it has been in the last century a rather prestigious acquisition. If you had a Web Site you had arrived.

"Tranquil pleasures last the longest; dancers are not fitted
to bear the burden of great joys."

In addition they usually have the info on the top brass easily available. Monthly and even yearly schedules, photo albums included, many of which are works of art, video albums, club history and other pertinent information of probable interest to their reader/members. They could also include pertinent information on many other Web and Blog sites.

"Oh Mother" by Christina Aguilera

Dance Web site members come to a site to look for specific information. That information does not need to be new. It just needs to be what the reader/dancer is looking for and many are usually subdivided into a number of complicated pages. These tools allow dance clubs to create beautiful sites with compelling content, but they don't allow neophytes or non-technical people to maintain content or add new content.

"My Mother" by the Chipettes

The top levels of the dance club covered by Web sites are the ones usually permitted to contribute information. Many have a tendency to look down on Bloggers and blogging. But even with these sophisticated tools, most Web sites are static creations and most dance organizations view their Web sites as digital brochures. It's very rare for a traditional Web site to be updated more frequently than once every two or three months. Much of their professional works mention copyrights, so you must be careful.

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