Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kaena Point

Dancing in Makaha has never been done and as the saying goes, it never will be. Hawaii is such a paradise and it is a shame that parts of it have to live on tricks. Most of us have heard "around the island" and we know what that means. It does not mean around the island, and there has never been a road around this island of Oahu. Yes, we all know we are kidding ourselves. We do that all the time.

"Life is defined more by its risks than by its sameness.
Choose your Habits, Choose your Life."

With a road cut from Kaena Point to the North Shore, the people in Mokuleia could drive to Mahaha, have a nice dance for an evening and then be home in twenty minutes. The people in Mahaha could drive over to Haleiwa and buy things they couldn't get in Waianae.  But we can spend billions and billions of dollars on a rail that everyone knows will not work. We just got suckered into it. Ben could have save us on that, but they spent ten million dollars lying about him. Later he won in court but too late then. The Crook Was In.

 "Warehouse Blues" by Willie K

One big layer of trash about six feet and a layer of dirt six feet on top of that dumped onto the rocks at Kaena Point the results would be a whole new park created at that point. Sand Island was built on a dream too. There could be enough dirt to build a whole new beach. Kaena Point Beach Park. A few Tract Homes and a small Business Park  Ha! With a Paradise of their own, who needs Honolulu? The entire Waianae Coast would be dealing commercially with the entire North Shore very effectively.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

Florida is the unofficial dance capital of the world because of the sheer magnitude of the state and people involved in social dancing. In many areas, a person can go dancing not only during the day but to a different place every night of the week. The choices of where to go dancing include ballrooms, dance studios, community centers, night clubs, restaurants, lounges, hotels and religious facilities, all available to the general public. Oahu was doing very well in the Rail Disaster area but no more. Kapolei is getting better, the Central Valley is looking good for another dance club and another night club. That leaves the Waianae Coast and the North Shore wide open for what is coming.

"Social Dancers know that music is a world within itself,
it can be a language that we all understand."

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