Monday, June 5, 2017

Keep On Dancing

OK, this blog enjoyed a brief time as the number one on these islands. But we lost contact with Wahiawa and Aiea, so it is understandable. Town Dancer is back on top. No hu hu, we just have to keep trying. I have made good contact with Aiea this last week and hope to blog'em at the the next social. Meanwhile I am looking for something in Kapolei, the readership is there. Visions of Second City in spite of the Present Rail Party.

"Most Social Dancers are people who eventually realize that
mistakes are made for learning and not for repeating."

"Journalism is a style of writing characteristic of material in newspapers
and magazines, consisting of a direct presentation of facts or
occurrences with little attempt at analysis or interpretation."

From a Journalist: "Is blogging anything but a text media? Misspellings galore, poor syntax, sorry presentation. This is journalism? This is rubbish!"

Ok some can disagree but they must realize they are merely stirring the crock pot! And they will certainly get dirty. After all, lie down with dogs and you get FLEAS. Even on Oahu, so I'm outta here! Early newspapers were all independent operations just like bloggers. In fact, not until near the end of the 19th century did news papers become Established Media Outlets. The Internet is a NEW broadcast medium. Some clearly take the Established Journalism point of view and that is the exact reason for democratic debate.

"With A Song In My Heart" by Al Martino 

However once the emotional dust settles and the facts win out, democratic debate reveals the facts. It matters not that many of these people are wrong when you evaluate the totality of journalism in the last 250 years. Blogging is precisely where journalism begins as in any new medium . . . even if that medium is simply the spoken word. Blogging, specially on Oahu, is just kinda different from journalism. That's our share of comment. Let's let the party begin. If the Internet is NOT a broadcast outlet then why is there advertising on it? Why is there news on it? Why Blogs? And most important is Feedback.

"To the social dancers that still believe in their dreams:  Chase them, continue to chase them even after you are out of breath." 

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