Monday, June 19, 2017

The Rock Step

Rock step, probably one the first moves developed by the Mexican Civilizations six thousand years ago. They danced the even step forward, backward and sideways. In going forward and then changing direction to go back there was distinct difference in the movement. And you could rock back to where you were before. In modern times it has also been called a break step, and may refer to other similar dance moves.

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The name in our dance culture refers to the rocking action during the move: the weight is transferred from one foot to another and then back. It is used in a number of dances, perhaps as many as a thousand throughout the world. Most often it is a two-step dance move executed in two beats of music. In Latin America it can be used in a three count such as the Latin Waltz. As with most basic movements there are a basic six with just about as many variations from there as you wish

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In rocking forward, the dancer steps forwards with full weight transfer then transfers the weight back to the back foot while keeping it in place. There are two different forward rocks where the man steps forward with either foot and rocks back to his other foot. In doing the back rock step, there are also two and every thing is just in reverse. And most dancers have no trouble with that.

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The side rock should come just as naturally. The leader steps with his left foot to the left and rocks back to his right foot. The right side rock is just the opposite. Then there are the turning rocks just to go in a different direction, left or right. Six different step movements but all are very basic in what had been at one time developed from more primitive environments and now into modern cultural dancing.

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