Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Tea Dance

In spite of the Present Rail Party, Kapolei is developing into Second City. No need for the Rail Catastrophe and the Millions and Millions of dollars those people are making daily. Many people from the Waianae Coast work in Campbell Industrial Park and also in the large shopping area developing in Kapolei. Yes we all know that new business parks have been voted down by the Present Rail Party. There is also an increasing number of workers coming from as far as Aiea.

“Social Dancers know the importance of those moments in movement to music
and make those moments important, vital, and worth living." 

Could there be others? From the Central Valley, of course, and the idea would catch on fast when they have enough jobs and most people want to avoid working in town. Second City? The net result would be that the new Wednesday Pau Hana dance would be packed. The West version of the tea dance would unfortunately include mainly office or workers in sales simple because they are already dressed. The music would start right after work at 5:00 pm. Drinks, including a large array of juices would be available. And small snacks that you can pick up with chopsticks, among them steak and lobster.

"My Isle Of Golden Dreams" by Melveen Leed

Of course, 100% of the attendees would be social dancers. Ordinary run of the mill social dancers. The kind that are accustomed to dancing with each other and enjoy dancing to their favorite music. And they would be having the opportunity of breaking the week in half and having a nice evening that would pau at nine. The nice pleasant drive home with less traffic, and they can knock off to sleep early and easily because they have had some good exercise. They wake up the next morning and only have two days before the week end. You want something more perfect than that?

"Developing dancing for the masses, not the classes."