Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Hawaii Dance

Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club at Hale Hookipa Room in the Wahiawa Recreation Center. I thought the Handi Van was getting me there too early, but it was they best they could do and I don't complain. I got there before seven and there were over a dozen people there already making preparations for the party. Maile doing two or three things at once. So many nice people, many who I hadn't seen in a while. Unfortunately I cannot dance so I do not have the opportunity to mingle as before. I do the best I can, I enjoy the company, the music and watching people enjoy themselves dancing.

I was able get a starter photo taker to begin using my other camera. Gradually I got help from other people. Terrific, I was hoping to get two nine picture collages but it turned out to be more than that. Thanks to our good photo takers, I hope they know they are appreciated. I got the best according to my criteria. The poster said 7:30 but by that time they had a good crowd and that terrific music by Leland was sounding and just asking people to dance.

"Happy to be here with our friends tonight for the WBDC monthly dance. One way
of getting to see everybody between our busy schedules. Our thanks to Joe
for always supporting the club. It was great to see you all again."
Arthur and Lisa Apilado 

They had the welcoming announcement by the President and followed by the ring of prayer which went all very nicely, the music began and so the line up for the Kau Kau line. It looked good to me, but of course I did not really know until I got home with the goodies that Maile gave me. Turning out that the best meals I have had this year, for sure, are the ones I have gotten from WBDC.

"Some of the best dancing at the Wahiawa Ballroom Dance tonight
with friends, Simon Escano, Greg and Aida Archeta"
Leo and Virgie Corcino

Eating and pleasant conversation took place for about a half hour, Then the music seemed to start in earnest and dancers know what to do with that. Some people were still coming in and greetings were all around. By the time every one was through eating, you could see that the crowd was turning out to be first class. There are some terrific dancers here. Of course, I am a hard grader and would not give them a ten. How about a 9.9?

"Hi, it's nice to see so many dancers tonight. Love the other dance clubs
come out and enjoy the music and dancing with us."
D. Preza, President

I left at five minutes to nine, but no signs of the Handi Van. I went outside, and walked around. (good exercise) and the Van arrived about 9:10, had one stop to make on the way in but nobody there, got home before ten pm. Not bad and sat down to a delicious supper. Thanks Maile and everyone at Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club.

"Social Dancers believe that there are things that the heart thinks of that
only the body understands and that is why we dance.”