Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Jewel of West Oahu

I had nice day working on my blogs and getting ready for the shindig in Waipahu. I got everything ready except the extra batteries. And since I forgot to call the Handi Van the day before, I decided to take the bus. The Handi Van people are very nice and I appreciate, however if I can do without bothering them, I will. Arrived at about six and plenty people there already. Kibitzing, drinking refreshments and dancing, and the Villanuevas sure have nice music on their speaker system. Today Sunday I got some terrific pictures from Marie Laderta,  more than enough for two collages. I had planned on publishing on Monday but now with all these beautiful pictures from Marie I decided to make this blog based on only Marie's photos.

Notes from Marie on the photos.

A Mid-Summer's Night Dance @ the Jewel of West Oahu, Dance Appeal. -- USA Dance Honolulu President Glenn Okazaki & wife Tracy, Dance Magic Reps Larry Arinaga & Stephanie Shimizu, with friends the Ladertas, and Tan Yan Chen. -- Dance Appeal Keikis
& youth dancer strut their stuff. -- Leland and Maile Yagi -- The Iconic Godfather of
Hawaii Ballroom, Geoffrey Fells. -- Renna & Sergio Villanueva, the proud owners. -- Tommy Theresa Tomimbang, top Argentine Tango dancers. -- Dance Appeal
Instructor Kalei with student Barbara. -- Sergio Villanueva with student
striking a line figure. --David Matsumoto with partner Barbara. -- Fil & Elvie

Saw some old friends which of course made me happy and then I met some new ones which gave me the feeling that I was in the company of class people. The entire place is going to be liked and they are going to get much business just because they like the way the place looks. Terrific. Made some connection about the photos but nothing definite.

I will publish this blog today, Sunday and another later with any other photos that are emailed and also the ones I took. They reader/dancers, our friends, are going to like this place and this blog and maybe a little later, will contribute a little some thing to share with our fellow dancers. Comments, Comments, Comments are welcomed.

"Social Dancers don't just dance. They perform, they breathe and enjoy moving
to their favorite music and letting the rest of the world go by."