Thursday, August 10, 2017

We are updating.

The stats are pointing to Platinum Horseshoe blog as the new leader of the Blogs on Oahu and the hits are getting more solid. We are lucky to blog Wahaiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Aiea Ballroom Dance Association.  Lately Dance Appeal Studio has become a part of our kuleana. All we have to do now is to be on the look out for something on the Waianae Coast. And the North Shore is looking good too.

"Social Dancers believe that if you dance today, you will dance tomorrow
and you may just dance forever."

I must promote the Wai'anae Coast to help them help themselves. They are overdue and yes, we will need all the help we can get for the benefit of all and the only rule we have so far is, "Nobody has to do anything." With some good comments (suggestions) the first big project on the agenda will be to get people interested in line dancing and partner dancing and eventually having a Saturday night hoedown at the Wai'anae District Park. A Natural.

"How High The Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

These posters came from Information Contributors willing to share with
their fellow dancers, the Real Bloggers. I am just the mechanic.

Waianae District Park has one of the most beautiful dance floors in West Oahu but from the records, it has never been used for dancing. Nice? Many of us would like to see people dancing on the Wai'anae Coast and the previous agendas have not been engraved on stone. With time and help from others it will form by itself into something worthwhile. Yes, I know blogging is something completely new to Oahu but it will not be for long.

"Social Dancers do not need the promise of heaven to see the merit in a good deed."