Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween In Wahiawa

Not a bad day and when I awoke this morning, my depression was not as bad as it usually is. Still a little shaky and light headed, I must be careful. And I proceeded to plan the day. The Handi Van would pick me up at five pm. and then bring me home from Wahiawa at nine pm. Worked on my medications and my exercises. Did as little as possible on the computer.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

The Handi Van was a little late but still got me there by 5:45. I had to kill some time so I took a leisurely walk to Foodland and got a Chocolate Cake. Took my time and got back as Leland was just arriving at about six. Set up and many came in before seven. The music as per usual was beautiful and the decorations for Halloween looked very nice. There was a colorful outlook throughout the ballroom. A big Mahalo to Maile. I complained about not getting enough photos and she came through like a champ. I got enough to make another blog tomorrow. Mahalo to everyone else too.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

The Waianae Ballroom Dance Club was "Spooktacular" !!!
Always Enjoy It. From Mel and Charlene
Fabulous dance music with a dance board to help identify the dance. Sure helps us novice dancers. Everybody at the club is so friendly and welcoming. We really enjoy dancing at their socials. Everyone all dressed up in costumes, can't recognize some dancers. Fun! And a nice big dance floor.

Margaret Okimoto and Felipe Repollo, DJ Leland, Madeline Rosa, Charlene and Art,
Dancers, Joan and Margaret, The Green Lady of Wahiawa and Raggedy Ann,
Cynthia, She faked her pregnancy, Helen and Hubby.

There were quite few line dances and these people in Wahiawa do very well. The line dance instructor Carol  Kohagura was in most of them. She teaches line dancing on Wednesday evenings, Her and husband Rodney have been members of WBDC more than most dancers. Felipe Repollo and Carmen Mendoza teach American Style Ballroom on Monday evenings.

Leland and Maile, Cici, Tici, Bula, and Carol, Randy and Rumiko, Lisa and Art Apilado, James, Rodney, and Felipe, Estela Dela Cruz, Misssing name. Charlene and Mel.

"Some Enchanted Evening" by Perry Como

"Spooky Night with fantastic people, a wonderful way to spend a scary evening. RIP."
by Petecula (Peter Sye)

Maile: The last selfie pick after the dance was over. What a blast!

A little trouble getting home. The Handi Van was not too late but parked out of the way and the driver said there was something wrong with the Van and he had called and they were sending another one over. I got home by 10:30. Ate the terrific food Maile gave me, I partitioned half into a container and put it the  frig. The rest became a Mix Mash, and let me tell you it was one of the most delicious Mix Mash ever in my life.

"Take more chances, dance more dances."


Monday, October 23, 2017

The Halloween Scene

Halloween and the kick off for the Holiday season is looking pretty good in West Oahu. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Dance Appeal Studio leading the way. From rumors we hear Waianae and the North Shore will have something going too. They just have not let us know. Now the biggest item needed for all the blogs is feedback from the reader/dancers. Never been done before? We know that.

 Ghosts and Goblins, Spooks Galore and Scary Witches at your door.
Jack O Lanterns shining bright, Wishing you a Haunting Night.

Halloween at the end of October leads to Thanksgiving at the end of November. There is Veteran's Day in November and parties by the Present Rail Party too. Then everything breaks loose for the Christmas celebrations all over the islands. And of course, this is all capped off with big New Years Eve Bashes. We all start the new year taking classes with enthusiasm.

"Take Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Email from Aunty Maile

Unfortunately, the Dance Pavilion at the Patsy Mink Recreation Center has been cancelled to pay for the Rail Disaster. Even the neighbor islands have to help pay for that Catastrophe. The Present Rail Party making millions and millions of dollars daily. Now, that is scary. At half the size, (6000 square feet) of the Ala Wai Ballroom, the new ballroom was destined to be the center of dance activity in West Oahu.

“A lie can travel twice around the Ballroom while the truth is just getting up the stairs.”

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

West Oahu Update

These blogs continue to seek dancers who are interested in sharing their thoughts on our cultural dance scene. Whether you’re a dance student, formal or social, a dance teacher or just someone who loves to dance, your community wants to hear from you! We are also looking for studio owners and dance club officers who want to share news about their dance clubs and their studios with the community in blogs. If we do it right and the hits go through the roof, this blog can go independent. Many dance groups have Web sites and do their promoting that way.

"Social dancers feel that they can dance away their density
and celebrate their splendor too.”

But take a peek into our blogging, it is much different. Our qualified Guest Bloggers can post photos, event information and coverage, fundraiser information and even just their opinions on situations, events and dance in general. Our contributors have inside information on what goes on in our dancing circles and all they have to do is email this information to the blog of their choice. As dancers, they have the ear of local dancers and residents, so you can keep the community posted on all of your recitals, fundraisers, news, events and more.

"I'll Remember You" by Jimmy Borges

You can contribute photos too according to the Guest Blogger's requirements, many don't have any requirements. So if writing isn’t your thing we are looking for dancers that can polish their skills as dance photographers to send us images of the events, recitals and other dance functions in and around town. If you’ve got a big announcement or an exciting post, we will be happy to feature it on any blog of your choosing and help you promote it. When you get a little experience in contributing, you can become a Guest Blogger yourself. But you make that decision, whenever you wish and you can pick your blog. No annual meetings or dues, no monthly meetings or dues and you post whenever you damn well please. Yes, we are very strict and anyone that makes over a million dollars a day gotta pay.

"Social dancers know that the rhythm of their dance lies in the music.”

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Take A Good Look

West Oahu is coming around slowly but steadily. Of course now we are looking specifically for something on the Waianae Coast and the North Shore. Then there are the Neighbor Islands. They seem to like being local, though some are expanding their vistas island wide. There are people on Kauai that have friends and relatives on the Big Island. Not as people living somewhere in the Pacific but close by in a neighbor island. The same thing applies to all the islands.

"Social dancers believe it is in their nature to dance by virtue of the beat of
their hearts, the pulse of their blood and the music in their minds."

There is dancing on the neighbor islands and many are very local. And perhaps it is sinful for an organization to contact outside the islands. But individuals still have rights and they can contact any of our blogs on Oahu. They can contribute photos and bits of dance news for the benefit of all. We could be a happy family of dancing islanders and even visit each other for dancing sessions. If any of them start their own blogs we would be willing to help and even exchange links.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Our increasing dance environment will go to all the islands. A blog is just another way of being heard. It is a simplistic, evolutionary site which allows social dancers to effortlessly express themselves, share their knowledge and advice throughout the internet. They adapt and evolve to meet the needs of the present group of dancers. That's our blogs - Social Media. Then we will be looking for some way to get more photos to include in my collages when I get the opportunity to blog a social. And we keep on polishing to give the readers what interests them.

"Social dancers know that the dance lives at once in both space and time. In it
the creator and the thing created, the artist and the expression, are one." 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dis N Dat

This blog is still in process of defining itself. Too much town stuff in so many other blogs and we cannot blame them, that is where the action has always been. "We" should be getting photos and information from places along the Waianae Coast and the North Shore. Not much doing yet but it is coming because of the Rail Disaster. When the action starts rolling it should show in this blog. When all the outside dancing places are established for the local, local dancers, then it will be nice to decide and visit some nice dances in Kaneohe some Saturday night for a change of venue.

"Social Dancers do not care if you cannot dance like an exhibition dancer.
If you enjoy moving to your favorite music, you're dancing."

Say hello to old friends, dance the night away and it can become a memorable evening. This will come about all by itself. Salsa on the North Shore - how about that?  and we going to get one on the Waianae Coast. Tacos And More in Waianae has tried it but never got enough publicity. By the time I was informed they had changed it to music only on Thursday evening. Cholo's Homestyle Mexican in Haleiwa is doing just great with live music. Salsa with Bachata making some inroads into the programs. But then what happened to Mambo?

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Some people say that Mambo’s popularity and longevity has been blown out of proportion. I personally loved it. They say it has been taken out of context since the book and the movie, "The Mambo Kings," and gave high hopes of a Mambo comeback. The Mambo’s Golden Age lasted at the most 20 years - from 1955 to circa 1975. For the real Latin Dance Fans it was a fad dance and did not compare with the decades after decades of dancing to Rumba and Samba. The Mambo was only one of the musical expressions attracting NY born Latinos, yes mainly NY Puerto Ricans, or NuYorkricans but Cubans in Florida too.  Not Trumps favorite people.

"Social Dancers do not practice much. They just enjoying their dance
and have all the time in the world to dance better. Yes, it does take
some act of vision, of faith, of desire but it has to be fun."

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Da West

by Brian Fukumoto, Waipio:

Nice that the studio situation for our type of dancing is just starting to move and getting good notices around this island. We have some very good Studios in town but we as reader/dancers do not get much information about them. Oh, we all get little advertising flyers, now and then, but not real information about what's doin'. The people, the happenings, you know, da Kine that makes our blogs Social Media. Lucky we are also getting blogging from Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and that makes our world go around and it doesn't do them any harm.

 "The road to success - start at the bottom and wake up."

Many have Web sites and they figure that is all they need. Web sites have very pertinent information but they are not blogs. We live an awful long ways from town so we could have a little more action going on in the West. Perhaps a Dance Appeal Studio teaching our kind of dancing, big enough and it could be use for a weekly shindig dancing. And some of the dancers out here could give the blogs a little more information of the doings, maybe a photo or two and it might help their favorite club or studio. We getting there.

"I Remember You" by Don Ho

Some could even develop into Guest Authors and blog whenever they wish and whatever they wish. Anyway we should promote the dance action in this part of town, it is needed desperately. The alcohol departments must accept, (not complain) about the lack of drunks in our dance community and make arrangements to account for it. How about a cover charge? And lowering the price on the drinks? And how about making the 100 different juices available in a night club atmosphere? These are changing times and to survive we must accept certain changes and go with the flow. Happy Dancing everyone.

"Social dancers do not see themselves as artists. They may see social dancing as the
perfect combination of so many wonderful art forms - music, dance, theater."

Friday, October 6, 2017

What's Doin?

The thing we were hoping for was something in Waikele or Waipio and we simply waited in vain for the Dance Pavilion to be built in the Patsy Mink Recreation Park. Now the Pavilion has been postponed and the money will be used for the huge advertising in favor of the Rail Disaster. Central Valley blog has been put on hold so many times. "We coulda been a contendah." But Platinum Horseshoe is coming along very well, and we should have many new clients to make contact with for our mutual benefit.

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.
~Mikhail Baryshnikov

Perhaps there will be another big blog in a couple years. The solid anchors remain, Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Dance Appeal Studio, now well known as the Jewel in West Oahu. This blog doesn't have anywhere else to go but up. You can also check in on Aiea Ballroom Dance Association, we don't get much from them. There will a new one in Kapolei, in spite of the Present Rail Party. Getting some good photos of the action and dancing will go even further west up the Waianae Coast. "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

Just Tacos, is in a world of their own, they don't know about us so perhaps in another year or so, we can make contact. Dot's in Wahiawa has all the information going to downtown and appealing to downtown people. So they seem to be Town oriented too. This is going to be fun, to eventually evolve dancers/residents from Central Valley and we will have Social Dance Clubs, Salsa Dancing and plain old everyday shoe shuffling just for fun, "In the Valley." Yes, I know I can go into town and struggle through that traffic and it will take 20 minutes just to get out of the parking area. In the Central Valley, the time is coming, "I had a ball and I got home in 20 minutes."

For Halloween:

Q: Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party?
A: Because he had no body to dance with.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Holiday Season

For Dancers. it customarily starts on October first. Which gives everyone an extra kick for dancing. In the West we have Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club leading the way. Coming up strong is the Jewel of West Oahu, Dance Appeal Studio in Waipahu. We don't have anything yet on Aiea Ballroom Dance Association. Anybody else, let us know.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Tickets have gone on sale at the Wahiawa Recreation Center, Hale Hookipa Room and you can call Carol Kohagura at 623-7256, up until November 24th, or when all tickets are sold out, whichever comes first! See more details on the flyer

Nothing much coming from this territory and this blog is definitely territorial. The aim is to develop the acceptance of cultural dancing in West Oahu. Most residents have gone into town for dancing for years, Some of the Clubs that originated in the West are still town oriented which of course should be their choice.  But we must establish cultural dancing as a norm in this neck of the woods. Waianae and the North Shore are just itching. And Wahiawa and Waipahu are sure doing it now.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

"Social Dancers believe that they can write and draw and build
and play and dance and live as only they can."