Monday, October 23, 2017

The Halloween Scene

Halloween and the kick off for the Holiday season is looking pretty good in West Oahu. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Dance Appeal Studio leading the way. From rumors we hear Waianae and the North Shore will have something going too. They just have not let us know. Now the biggest item needed for all the blogs is feedback from the reader/dancers. Never been done before? We know that.

 Ghosts and Goblins, Spooks Galore and Scary Witches at your door.
Jack O Lanterns shining bright, Wishing you a Haunting Night.

Halloween at the end of October leads to Thanksgiving at the end of November. There is Veteran's Day in November and parties by the Present Rail Party too. Then everything breaks loose for the Christmas celebrations all over the islands. And of course, this is all capped off with big New Years Eve Bashes. We all start the new year taking classes with enthusiasm.

"Take Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Email from Aunty Maile

Unfortunately, the Dance Pavilion at the Patsy Mink Recreation Center has been cancelled to pay for the Rail Disaster. Even the neighbor islands have to help pay for that Catastrophe. The Present Rail Party making millions and millions of dollars daily. Now, that is scary. At half the size, (6000 square feet) of the Ala Wai Ballroom, the new ballroom was destined to be the center of dance activity in West Oahu.

“A lie can travel twice around the Ballroom while the truth is just getting up the stairs.”