Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Good or Bad ?

Say what you want about 2017, but boring it was not! America was great just a year ago and the entire world knows that Donald the Trump has been running it into the ground. We will get rid of those lying republican crooks in congress and make America great again. The social dancers on Oahu have taken everything that 2017 threw at them and made the best of it — most of the time. That's why we're eager to receive feedback to share your pearls of wisdom with our readers. Every day we get more readers. Let us know what are the best (or worst) moments we face as social dancers and what you think we've learned (or haven't) from this year.

"Social dancers love the way the right dance music can move them into a trance."

To start the Happy New year right we have news from Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club. Ballroom Dance Classes on Mondays start January 8th. Samba and Rumba, Instructors: Felipe Repollo and Carmen Mendoza. Line Dance Classes on Wednesdays, start January 10th. Instructor: Carol Kohagura. Icing on the cake is the Social on Friday, January 12th. Theme: Rock Around The Clock. 50s Era. Potluck which usually turns up terrific grindz. And we need a Guest Blogger from this club to contribute a few choice words for the club and dancing in general.

The biggest blight for Oahu is the Rail Disaster. It was declared obsolete by the experts a year ago but there is so much money to be made, "the Trump Way." No one mentions "Rapid Transit" anymore because they all know that is will take at least a half hour longer to get from Makaha to Honolulu Hale. The "Easy Money" is easier now that they are going to make the neighbors island pay big bucks too, The total cost estimate went from 5 billion to 7, to 9, and now going for 15 billion dollars. Will it go higher? You'd better believe it. The Present Rail Party does not refer to it as the "Gravy Train" for nothing. $$$$$

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mele Kalikimaka

The Christmas season has been good to the Platinum Horseshoe and Town Dancer blogs. They are leading the way in blogging on this Island of Oahu. Not many know that comments in the blogs and information contributors willing to share information with their fellow dancers is what will do it. This is Social Media and very few know what that means. It has never been done before. A dance blog may be a personal diary, a daily pulpit or a collaborative space.

"Social dancers don't let the past steal their present. This is the message of Christmas:
We have friends, we are never alone,"

It may be a political soapbox, a breaking-news outlet. A collection of links, your own private thoughts, memos to the world. We can all take pictures but not everyone can capture the beauty that's usually hidden in plain view. We can all open our mouths to sing but not everyone can melodically touch your soul. We can all pick up a pen to write but not everyone can write words in such a way that they leap off of the page for everyone.

"Joy to the World"

We can all part our lips to speak but not everyone can speak life into you. We can all move our bodies to a beat but not everyone can become one with music, stir emotions and shift energy with dance. The point is, we can all do something but know your gifts, cultivate them and always be yourself. Then working together becomes effortless. Copies aren't accepted everywhere. Originals are eventually required! But we will be social dancers.

"Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return,
but because of who you are."

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Everyone Happy?

The best source of information on dancing in these islands is still not our local blogs. Town Dancer and Platinum Horseshoe are something special and they are leading the way. I may say green on Monday and green on Wednesday and green on Friday, that is SOS. If anyone in either blog comes out on the next Monday with "Blue," - Ray call Mary, Doris calls John, and it goes around. "Not the Same Old Shit, this is different."

"Ballet dancers are always dancing round on their toes.
Why don’t they just get taller dancers?"

On any one of our blogs, you can see the "Good Links" in a side bar either to the left or right. Just click the name of the blog that you wish to see and it will appear, like magic, right before your eyes. If you want to access it again later and easily, just add it to your favorites. The diversity of opinion is what makes a blog. My writing, is to try making contact with the dancers, but it is not enough to keep a blog going up in hits faster. The results will be much better when we get more good Information and photo contributors or better yet a Guest Blogger.

"Oh Little Town of Bethlehem"

We are having a tough time getting anyone interested with information to contribute, but then not many really understand or know about blogging. The legit hits are staying solid and even going up very slowly. This communication has usually been done, as a one way communication namely advertising. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Even Newsletters, Web sites and some blog sites have never required feedback. But twenty years ago, they introduced the Guest Blogger and many have done very well.

"I wish you a Merry Christmas"
by Jose Feliciano

Some of our information contributors are beginning to realize that the announcements of coming functions are fine, But what happened at the party, photos and write ups, opinions is what is really interesting to the readers. The hits in WBDC went up with their Christmas party and sent this blog up into First Place. As we grow, all the dancers are going to get a better idea of our rapidly changing dance world. Sometimes we even have news of Neighbor Island dancing. They will eventually join sharing dance information with the rest of the dancers' groups on these islands. The holidays are at hand and we are starting the partying, which is what dancers like to do. Perhaps someone on the neighbor islands can get ideas and share a few of their highlights, past, present or in the future for all our fellow dancers on these islands.

"One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning." 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The North Shore.

With the Rail Disaster screwing up on the South Shore. the North Shore is perking up. They need more housing there but even more important they need Business Parks. "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." But the Present Rail Party is against all that nonsense. Politics, Money. Profits. But for us, if the perfect wave exists, you’ll find it on Oahu’s North Shore. The towering, glassy winter waves of this legendary surf mecca draw the best surfers in the world, while smaller and gentler summer waves are better for beginners.

“Social dancers dance through life, living their bliss, steeped in joy.”

Stretching for more than 7 miles, the beaches of the North Shore host the world’s premier surfing competitions during the peak winter months, including the biggest of them all, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (November - December). But we can just leave surfing the huge waves to the pros because they can be very dangerous for inexperienced surfers.The months between November and February are the best times to see big wave surfing. We come to the realization that there is more to Oahu than Honolulu.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

From May to September, the waves subside, creating a more tranquil atmosphere for surfing and swimming. And how about dancing? the North Shore is also home to a variety of accommodation options including the exclusive beachside Turtle Bay Resort. And Son Caribe is making inroads to bachata-salsa music and dance in the North Shore. Take a little road trip to the charming surf town of Haleiwa Town, where you can shop, eat like a local and cool off with rainbow-flavored shave ice. Continue your drive to Laie to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center and the old plantation town of Kahuku.

“Dream of the impossible: dream of surpassing yourself, dream of the kingdom
of God. Only then will you start working and moving towards it, and only
then with that dream you will make your feet go into a dance."

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Party Part 2

For sure we all had a wonderful time. The entire party was very nice, everyone had a good time dancing and socializing. And the beautiful music all around us made for a very pleasant atmosphere and everyone seemed to realize it. At 9:30 I began to be aware that the Handi Van might show up but nothing. Went in and out of the dance several times until almost ten.

Most people can notice that this club has some of the best Rumba dancers on this island. This captivating favorite of Latin American Dancers throughout the world is characterized by the leg and hip action which adds to the suave styling of the sensual Rumba patterns. To excel in the Rumba a dancer should develop a sense of musical interpretation and physical control and these people got it.

"Deck the Halls"

"Merry Christmas to all, Our WBDC always has good parties and a gathering
of good people, dancers or not. Hope to see them all in 2018." ~ Carol M.

Then they began to close up the place and everyone pitch in. And then Rod offered to take me home. Wow, what a break. They help in closing up and I got packed in his vehicle by 10:15. We were on our way, then Carol stopped us and said my Handi Van was there. It was a cab and he just said he was late. Got transferred over to the cab

The ride home was not bad and I got home by eleven. First chance I got was to eat some of the goodies that Maile prepared for me. Ultra delicious. Then got on the computer before my memory gave out and got most this down. I was able to make part one because Rod took some good photos with my camera. Had to wait to for Maile or anyone else would send me for this blog.

"December 9th. What a memorable night as WBDC rekindled the roaring 20's for their Christmas Dance. The women were just dressed lavishly to bring back that 1920's
feeling. Likewise, most of the men were dressed in black with suspenders as a
tribute to their great ancestors from the 1920's. ~ Rodney and Carol

"Good King Wenceslas" 

Pubs Note: we have been so fortunate to get many photos from Maile. I have enough to put some in the Blogging Hawaii blog and give those readers a break. And we can surely thank her for getting all these photos for the benefit of the readers, the photees and of course Wahaiwa Ballroom Dance Club.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Party

I prepared the day carefully for it was important to me. I called the Handi Van the day before and they agreed to pick me at 5pm at home and take me to Halemano Plantation. They also agreed to pick me up at 9:30pm at the Party and bring me back home. I prepared a half dozen USB drives for door prizes or whatever. The Handi Van picked me up at 5 and I got to Halemano Plantation before six.

"Happy Holidays. What happened to Santa Claus? Great time and Happyness to all"
~ Sherwood Kaopua

Plenty people already there and the food tables were being set up. General Dancing to that terrific music by DJ Leland. Christmas music and carols intermixed with the regulars, There is no substitute for Luis Miguel singing "El Reloj." All the nice people were there and we were all sorry the President couldn't make it. Finally sat near my good friends Rod and Roselie, Art and Lisa Apilado. The food line began early and I went over and said hello to Leland and Maile.

"Happy Holidays everyone for Wahiawa Ballroom. We always have a blast
and hope to continue in 2018" ~ Dieter and Gloria Pfister

General Dancing and everyone enjoying themselves, saying hello and Merry Christmas to all their good friends. The music as per usual was terrific and everyone knew it. Maile darting here and there helping out wherever. I began to get some opinions from some of the attendees. Very gracious to help make this into real Social Media. Sometime before eight, they had the first door prizes and boy, they were all goodies. They had several time outs for door prizes during the evening and they sure gave some additional happiness to most people for the night.

"Merry Christmas from our roaring 20's Christmas Dance. It was a blast!!"
~ Abing and Dorado's

The energy in the crowd was reflecting on me and I finally got the courage to ask Carol for a Rumba. And she knows I have to be in "careful mode." I did not do anything fancy and she followed me perfectly and it felt like a triumph. Later with the crowd energy and everyone dancing to their pleasure a Merengue came on. Those are pretty firm step movements and I had to get up and move it. Soon Maile joined me and then two other ladies came to help this old man enjoy the sunrise. Terrific Merengue, thanks Leland.

"Jingle Bells"

So how was your evening? For me it was the biggest and best thing in West Oahu. You got anything better? You are entitled to it. This is all the photos I got, taken by Rod with my camera. Good Job, Rod. I will make the continuation in a couple of days when I get more photos. Mahalo.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Helemano Plantation

From their website: Helemano Plantation, a place "where aloha begins" - A unique community of people caring for people. A place where you truly take a piece of Aloha with you. Once a dream, Helemano Plantation also founded by Mrs. Susanna F. Cheung, provides a "real world" work environment for the developmentally disabled. Helemano Plantation offers training and employment opportunities in its work centers. You will also be able to visit the Country Inn Restaurant, Gateway to Asia, Gift Shop, Bake Shop, Farm, and Garden.

This may be of interest to those not lucky enough to be attending the Dance Social on Saturday, December 9th, by Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club. I happen to be one of the lucky ones invited. I will be fortunate enough to be able to get enough information to make a nice blog. We got people from Kapolei, Makaha and Turtle Bay very interested. The Central Valley is becoming well known on Oahu.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

I will have to take the Handi Van and they are very nice people. Last time Rod gifted me with a little wine and with all the good spirits of the dancers around me, I felt like swinging from the chandeliers.

"Social dancers know that it is with your feet that you move -
but it is with your heart that you dance."