Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The New Way

Very simple, fell down, they called 911 and they took me to Tripler. Spent seven days and I am not alright. The blogging will be cut down and the blog Latin Rhythms will eventually be deleted. The reader/dancers will make those decisions. I will slow down on the other blogs. Which leaves someone an opportunity to get on as Guest Blogger, in essence your own blog within a blog. I can coach and when you are interested email:

“Social dancers know that we all can dance, when we find music that we love.”

Just coming out that there have been two groups in town that have consistently produced the best International Style dancers on this island. By the same token there have been two groups that have consistently produce the worst International Style dancers on this Island. Who? Ha Ha! We are talking competition here are we not? That is the name of "their game. What the hell do we know?

Received from Maile Yagi, WBDC

"Life is like a library owned by the authors. In it are a few books which they
wrote themselves, but most of them were written for them."

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

La Rumba

The Rumba has progressed to be one of the most enjoyable dances in the world. In West Oahu we have some of the best Rumba dancers in the Pacific. From the music and moves which were first introduced to the Caribbean by natives of Yucatan about the time of the Mayan civilizations. Most of the World was still dancing the Even Step. One can still see videos of African dancers dancing the Even Step. left, right, left right to the beat. Nothing wrong with that. The natives of the Americas were dancing these newer steps when the first illegal aliens arrived and there were many different versions of the "Rumba," though not in partner dancing, which was fast and resembled the Mambo more than anything else.

“Many social dancers believe that if you are not dancing, your dead."

In 1500, there were maybe 100 Europeans and a couple of blacks. They were a Big, Big influence on the dancing? Not by a long shot. One hundred years later, in the 1600s it has been stated as a fact that the blacks outnumbered the whites in the Caribbean but they were slaves. Probably true, however they are again completely ignoring the natives of the Americas, At that time there may have been 10000 whites and blacks but nowhere near the populations of the natives and mestizos (mixed) which was closer to a million and a half by then. The Europeans consistently ignored the Indians as nothings but nobody was going to stop the natives from dancing.

 "Rush Rush" by Paula Abdul  (1991)

The poorest of the whites learned the Indian way but they did introduce partner dancing. The Blacks had been picked in Africa very young and not because of their dancing abilities. They all learned like everyone else the Indian way and they learned it very well. The dancing remained a native Indian dance, that had been danced by the natives for centuries. And this was in their kuleana. It is not African and it is not European, it is from the native populations of the Americas. Modifications? Many, like most dances and many dances have come and gone.

"Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is
no mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself."  ~ Havelock Ellis


Monday, July 30, 2018

Wahiawa is jumping.

Aloha Everyone! From Maili Yagi
Monday Night Beginners Ballroom Dance Class STARTS A NEW CLASS SESSION!
July 30, 2018 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm.
Wahiawa Recreation Center Hale Hookipa Room
1139-A Kilani Ave. Wahiawa, Hi.

The dance instructors, Felipe Repollo and assistant, Carol Mendoza, will be teaching an American Rhumba routine to prepare each student for the WBDC's "A Christmas Masquerade Ball", to be held at Helemano Plantation Camp 808, on December 8, 2018. Each class will consist of a 2 hour long American Rhumba lesson. Having a partner is recommended. However, if you just want to come to just learn the dance steps, you are not obligated to perform or have a partner and you are still welcome to come and join this class!

Within the "Break Period", after the first hour of American Rhumba, Leland and Maile Yagi will be teaching a quick 15 minute "Basic Beginning Nightclub Two Step Lesson" . It is optional if you would like to participate or just watch and relax. This will take place every week in-between each American Rhumba Classes.

The 3rd week of Line Dance Class at Wahiawa Recreation Center's Hale Hookipa room is still going on every Wednesday Night from 7:30pm - 9:00 pm. There are still 3 more weeks to do and it is not difficult to learn at all so come! Cost for both class session: $10.00 per person per each class session x 6 weeks on each scheduled date. day and time. $5.00 per person for annual Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club membership, if you are not an active member. The membership is good for one calendar year.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz



Also, please prepare for this fun dance coming up on Friday, August 3, 2018! Here are the wonderful details! SEE YOU THERE!!!  Maile for WBDC

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion
against injustice and lying and greed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


It is said the Waianae Coast has the most beautiful beaches and the sweetest mangoes. The area is rich in scenic beauty, Hawaiian culture and history. With its pristine ocean, world famous surfing contests, white sandy beaches, captivating mountain ranges and ancient heiaus, the Waianae Coast is sure to warm anybody's heart. The problem in Honolulu has been that it has been considered "too far." Waianae residents say, "Too far from where?"  This blog still trying to communicate to Waianae Coast living, which is living closer to the spirit of true Hawaiiana.

Hawaiian men don't dance, do they?

But it is irrevocably tied up with the rest of Oahu and things like the bus can sure mess up the works. For those on the Waianae Coast less buses has always meant very uncomfortable riding. If they had replaced all #40 buses with articulated buses and plenty of them to minimize standing, you would have heard few complaints.

"Maui Waltz by Loyal Garner

In spite of the Fat Cats, at present, you can take the #93 express in Makaha at 6:00 am and be at Honolulu Hale at 7:30 am. The Rail Disaster will never beat that in a million years. Downtown does not have a clue, they just want to make sure you work and buy everything from Downtown business. It's the bread, Fred.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

There is plenty of room for low priced housing to get "residents" of the community, not long time visitors buying 10 million dollar homes. And with it, comes the building of a few business parks. Can you imagine getting home from work in 20 minutes? At present, with the Rail Catastrophe, many are figuring 14 hour work days. The Present Rail Party couldn't care less, they are making millions and millions of dollars daily on the "Gravy Train." This has also been referred to at Honolulu Hale, as "Easy Money." The original estimate went from 5 Billion to 7 to 9 and now at 12 Billion dollars. Will it go higher? You'd better believe it.

And of course, we need something else local, local, local on the Coast. A few good places for a happy hour. And there are many nice places now. Next the only distinguishing feature between a bar and a night club is the fact the a night club has a dance floor. Ten by Ten, Ha! but it is a dance floor, and it is a place that qualifies as a Night Club. So we will come inevitably to a few good Night Clubs along the Waianae Coast with good sized floors. Rome was not built in a day. Many lucky people will someday live in Paradise, and also work and play in Paradise.

“Social dancers, live your truth - express your love - share your enthusiasm.
Take action towards your dreams - walk your talk - dance and sing to your music.
Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.”

Friday, July 20, 2018

Down Shift.

There will be a general slow down on all the blogs because the videos in Facebook are doing so good. Perhaps videos is all our reader/dancers need. So we should stand back, let it evolve to what ever they want. We should know by next month. And of course there may be other clubs that can use a blog. Right now there may be something in Makaha and something in Haliewa. Any body need our help, let us know.

 “Social dancers know that there is only one of them in all time
 and their dance expression can be very unique" 

Salsa, Bachata and Merengue moving solid the Latin Night Clubs on Oahu. All are referred to as Salsa. To each his own. Salsa started as a Fad dance and zoomed like rocket in many countries of the world. Lately it has been getting crowded with Bachata, - and Merengue will always be there.  I like to dance Merengue, single. The step pattern is very solid and I don't lose my balance unless I turn. I can enjoy moving to the music and it is a movement needed by my hips to keep walking.

1990 "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)" by Stevie B

So right now we need people that may need us, and the Waianae Coast and the North Shore are waiting. Wai'anae is the main town on Oahu's leeward coast. This is where leeward residents used to stock up on food and other necessities. Wai'anae Mall has a drugstore, a bank and fast food eateries, food and clothing stores. Bars and evening night clubs. Wai'anae also has a post office, public library and high school. The just need another housing tract and a business park that would make living in paradise a fact.

"Life may be like a a camera, you focus on what's important to capture the good times.
You develop from the negative and if things don't work out, take another shot."

Monday, July 9, 2018


No worry, it is just numbers. Oahu has almost one million people, and Honolulu has less than 40% of that total. That gives the rest of the island a little strength but not what it should have. I have found this out because Platinum Horseshoe blog is doing so well with so little to offer the reader/dancers. If there are 30 thousand dancers on Oahu, (no I didn't count them) then we should have 18000 dancers on the outskirts, more than half. They are over due to live, work and play in their own kuleanas. Kapolei as Second City is a good beginning, and then there has to be the Third City.

Traffic to and from Honolulu is without question "bad" and in Honolulu it is even worse. Everyone already knows that the Rail is one big Money disaster. And some have already become multi-millionaires in a short time. The name "Gravy Train" is very convenient as is also "Easy Money." The estimates have gone from the original 5 Billion dollars to over ten now. It is costing more than one million dollars per day. And who is getting the money? No body knows and nobody is going to find out either. The Present Rail Party has made sure of that. More electric cars are coming in. When you are stuck in a traffic jam. Your gas buggy is burning up the gas. In an electric, you just stopped running. Simple?

Meanwhile, we are trying to find a group ready to make a social dance club on the Waianae Coast. Now that I am beginning to know my demographics, I can see enough dancers on the Waianae Coast developing a good dance club with some very good people. Then there is the North Shore. Not only from the North Shore but also from the Northern part of the Central Valley and from the Northern part of the Windward Side. Can anybody see that? Of course I don't know if it will be night clubs or the social clubs first. Either way there will be dancing in West Oahu. And most of the social dancers in this century understand that the day of the Big Bands and the Big Ballrooms is over.

"There is a case for telling the truth; there is a case for avoiding the scandal; but there is no possible defense for the person who tells the scandal, but does not tell the truth."

Thursday, July 5, 2018


This blog is evolving though slowly but surely and like all our blogs we need feedback. And what is feedback? Hell, we don't know either.  Part of feedback is photos and for us they are continually hard to find. Everyone sends them to Photobucket, Facebook, Flicker, Picasa and not many senders know that the Micros receive over 100 million photos daily and available for the members of these Micros over the entire world to see. We just cover Oahu and the photos are for the benefit of our fellow dancers on this island. No one needs membership to see any of out blogs. Just tune in and you got it.

There are no rules in blog photos but there are guidelines and anyone still has the right to use whatever photo they damn well please. For our blogs two people are better than one. And anyone should be able to see the advantage of having two people in the same photo being better than just one. Three is better than two and four is better that three. However, 17 is not better than 16. The photographer makes the ultimate decision and it should stand. One other suggestion for blogging is if you can avoid the peas in a pod picture, which is not easy.

 1990 "Praying For Time" by George Michael

Kapolei - Second City is beginning to roll.

I cannot take photos with my camera, I have fumbleitis. However, I pass it around and hope each person can get three of four pictures of "their friends." I now make six picture collages to get bigger pictures, so that getting 13 or 20 pictures gives me enough to get the best in the collages. Passing the camera around gives us the advantage of getting a more diverse group in the blog instead of all being the close members of the one photographer. I like the advantage - for the photees, the blog, the reader/dancers, the club, everyone. This is social media, it should be a win-win situation.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
~ Mark Twain

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Getting There

Some thing sneaked into the hits on this blog on the first day of the month and ran them way up from expectations. I suspect search engines So then we must wait a few days for it to even out. Whatever, we need the steady information and photo contributors to get in on any of the reader's favorite blog and for their favorite people. The hits will just naturally go up, different people, more hits. The blogs are pretty much alike for now, (only me) but with steady Contributors, each blog will establish its own separate and distinct personality.

“Social dancers seem to realize that dancing defeats negativity
by the creative expression of moving to music.”

The dancers in West Oahu are developing a very nice territory. Kapolei's Luibueno's is now having a Saturday night Salsa dance. The residents of the Waianae Coast and the Central Valley will be attending. Sounds pretty good for the the residents of West Oahu. The ones in town will make their own decisions according to the help of their Guest Authors. And at least, now I know much more of how this thing operates and I can work to get the first completely independent blog with several Guest Authors.

I look for a new Dancing place in Waikele or Waipio. Each one is over due. But what the dancers want is not always what they are going to get. Those are the rules. I am beginning to see it, and it may be coming by next year, In our blogs, for one person (not famous) it is still going to be tough going. So I am cutting back on all blogging just one level. It may not make too much difference but I will have a little more time.

There is a wonderful law of nature that the three things we most
crave in life - happiness, freedom and peace of mind - are always
attained by giving them to someone else."

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Reaching Out

All the blogs were pretty well stalled while I was having my troubles, computer breakdown and hospital time. But they stopped losing ground and right now they are holding their own. All the blogs need Feedback which is the process in which the writing or the fotos of an action is 'returned' (fed-back) to modify the next action. I print green in error. Some one sends the feedback, no, it was blue. Feedback is essential to the working and survival of all our dance blogs here on Oahu. News that we don't have, the party in Waipio, the big shindig in Nanakuli.

"Social dancers know that a day spent without appreciating the beauty
of music and dance is a waste of time."

With dance groups, feedback is the suggestions received by our blogs about its prior blogging so that the blog may adjust its current and future behavior to achieve the desired result. The blogs usually react to an action or behavior that was emailed. For example, 'customer feedback' is the buyers' reaction to a firm's products and policies, and 'operational feedback' is the internally generated information on a firm's performance. We cannot promise to do what one person tells us to do. But we can certainly hear what many of you say and then we must move accordingly.

1990  "Vision Of Love" by Mariah Carey

Photo Contributors also lend color to the feedback in our blogs. Getting in alongside the news received, they should have a place to share their favorite fotos in a blog read by their fellow dancers. Ton's of photos we do not need, Facebook gets 50 million fotos daily. Three or four of your favorite photos of a few of your dancing friends. That's it, those are the ones we need and most appreciated by the readers. I am now making collages of six instead of nine to have bigger pictures but we are going to have them more often. And they can be seen by anyone that has a computer. No club membership is necessary and we are going to have the best bloggers in Hawaii.

"Social dancers know that defining our dreams may be difficult, but the
journey to reach them is rewarding. It depicts who we are."

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rolling Again

Dictionary definition of a dancer: "a person who dances." But that is not good enough for us, because in our dance environment we have many who are dancers but not the same as others who are dancers. Those differences are what we are in the process of defining. Fortunately, many have already defined themselves. That certain helps but there are still many misunderstood definitions.

"To our reader/dancers, please consider yourselves, now and henceforth, and no
matter what anyone ever asks of you, free to do any damned thing you
want as long as it doesn't hurt someone else unnecessarily."

 It helps to have information contributors. This invitation from Maile of WBDC.

Aloha Dancers!
You are invited to WBDC's Stars and Stripes Forever Dance, to be held on Friday, July 13, 2018, Wahiawa Recreation Center, Hale Hookipa Room, starts at 7:30 pm - 9:50 pm, Potluck or a small monetary donation appreciated! Attire: (Optional) DRESS WITH RED, WHITE, AND BLUE!  STARS AND STRIPES ARE GREAT TOO!

"The Star Spangled Banner" even if you don't know all the words.

Town Dancer is racking up the hits and is back at the top of all dance blogs. Most dance Web sites have deleted their hit counters. They have their reasons and we should respect them. I have one outsider with a counter included in my stats because they are in second place in my Blog Sphere. Platinum Horseshoe is in third place. I use them as a guide of where we are going. Most prove that there are a whole slew of dancers on this island in protest of "one Style." Additional is that a blog by one person (not famous) is not enough. We need Guest Bloggers.

"As social dancers get older they learn that as they understand life less and less,
they learn to love it more and more."

Monday, June 18, 2018

This was Tango Argentino

Tango Argentino by Art Hemenway

I assume that most tangueros can recall seeing a dance performance that they consider the greatest of their lifetime. For me, I think it was at the Queen Elizabeth theater in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the legendary revue, Tango Argentino played after skipping my home town, Seattle. of course, the show exceeded the expectations of all of us who drove north to see it. What dazzling displays of dancing, singing and music!

"La Comparsita" por Carlos Gardel

I thought the high point of the evening was the low key dance of Milena Plebs and Miguel Angel Zotto dressed in black evening clothes for "The Continental." The couple appeared at stage right and glided slowly across the stage to the music La Comparsita. They just performed a tango walk, nary a turn, ocho or gancho. But when they reached center stage I was amazed to see the entire audience arise and give them a standing ovation, "just for walking."

"Nostalgias" por Placido Domingo

The audience response was almost as thrilling as the spectacle of the dance. Only the dancers in the audience could appreciate the extraordinary physical control that went into that smooth slinky walk. And I wondered how many professionals in the audience noticed that the couple was not dancing in time to the music. During the stage crossing each foot touched the stage about one half second after the beat. The dramatic suspense and relief as each foot of the couple stretched out and touched the stage slightly after the beat was devastating.  *  *  *

This was exhibition dancing.

Tango is Magic:  A feeling that is danced - A secret danced between two people -
It is not in the feet, it is in the heart - It is about your connection with your
partner and the expression of feelings rather than the choreography.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Social Dancing

Now is the time to live out your passion - Transform the moment into an event
Get into Dancing for fun - Explore what is known only to a lucky few.

Share the body movement with your partner to music, and be passionate about it
Exercise your body, dance a fast Swing like there is no tomorrow.

Build something of real value for your entire life and increase your own energy
Then pause to enjoy the flavors, the colors and the textures of the Cultural Dance Scene.
And be nice to the world around you.

We are still a work in process and we are actively looking for dancing in Kapolei, the Waianae Coast and the North Shore. Anyone that can use some blogging And all of our blogs invite everyone to share dance information. Even if you do not live in West Oahu as long as you know what the subjects are. This is meant to be social media, so whatever you put in here will be read by others and that is the idea. If we get no hits we are just beating our gums. Hopefully the readership will increase and I must continue to try, I will not give up so easily.

"Flashdance... What a Feeling" by Irene Cara

My personal blog, Social Dance Oahu is still advancing but only by inches, not the usual feet as has been in the past. But that is all right with me as long as it increases daily. We are at the point of diminishing returns. The only other one in danger at the moment is Latin Rhythms. Too many people are not sure of blogs and think that I may be selling something and they don't want to buy. I must let it simmer a while longer and they may gradually realize that we are not a Web site that costs money. These blogs are for free. Patience.

"Life may be just a succession of lessons which must be lived
to be understood and we are doing that now."

Friday, June 8, 2018

Street Dancing

By Gen Wong, Waianae

There still seems to be an awful lot of "young people" dance evolving all over the world. The thing that matters is that they wish to move to their music, the most natural thing in the world. In this case, in California, I really don't know what they were doing. The band was played a terrific "La Bamba" in the style of the Beatles and it was still perfect for a Mambo but no one was partner dancing. They were all moving to the music and they were obviously enjoying their own particular movements to the music.

“Social dancers know that dance doesn’t give rise to anything in us that isn’t already there. It simply sparks a fire that illuminates who we have always wanted to be.”

I am not an expert but I certainly think they could enjoy it a little bit more if someone could teach them the basic movements. Just the slow and fast step, the rock step and the chassé would be enough to start. They could have been dancing in a more partnered manner and perhaps enjoying the same rhythm together. But most of those that take lessons learn movements by rote. Dictionary: mechanical or unthinking routine or repetition, a joyless sense of order, rote, and commercial hustle.

"La Bamba" by Richie Valens

And that is if they learn at all. Put your left foot here and put your right foot there. The music usually is introduced much later. And only then do they try to do what is taught originally without music. This is the method most used around the world, so it is not a sin. The only thing missing is the rhythm, so it just isn't the real thing. Of course, most eventually will find the rhythm because humans tend to go that way. But it is a round about method. The old street method is the music first and the rhythm that goes with the music, and only then moving to that music, a far different method.

“Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts. You could remember this when you find yourself at the beginning.”

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Life is not a Bowl of Cherries.

Still working with a laptop and an attached monitor. Not like Da Reel Teeng but I can get the Blogs out and do my other contact work like email and the Micros. I expect to get my new Win 7 operating system to install in my main and back up computers and get rolling comfortably again. And I am still learning. Then I was able to contact Rodney and Carol about the mini Web site for WBDC, see above, just click it. I was able to correct the error recommended by Carol and it is in this blog. I will update more often so if any of the dancers have recommendations, email them in. And no, "Dump  It" has already been rejected.

“Social dancers feel that they must get their dance on today - move some energy
around - visualize everything as they want it to be...Fullness, Completeness!”

Then my rash and swollen legs had to be seen  by a doctor at the VA. They sent me to Tripler Hospital for three days. I may be OK in a week or so. Got a nurse coming in regularly and she is very good. Of course, Heaven's Helpers sends me a man every Tuesday to help me out in cleaning the Apartment. I am eligible for Care Home but I don't want to go and they don't want me to go either because of the cost. So I spend most of my day on my medications.

"Call Me" by Blondie 1980

Platinum Horseshoe now back to the number two spot and Town Dancer may have gotten a lot of search engine hits and scam spam robot hits. Patience. I still think either one will be the one that will become independent. We may be moving this blog in the right direction with the help of Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club. If we can get more contact with Aiea Ballroom Dance Association, this blog could go back on top. Then there is Tacos and More in Waianae, and Cholo's Homestyle in Haleiwa. I am working on it. We can wait for Kapolei.

"The less you respond to rude, critical, argumentative people …
the more peaceful your life will become."

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Back on Track

All my blogs came under attack from the European Union about something. I do not have anything to do with Europe. However, I am very much interested in supporting the social dance scene on Oahu. Finally got this cleared away today. This blog is now in second place behind Town Dance but still remains way ahead of the spite of all the doo hickeys that get in the way. Now we just need feedback from our fellow dancers to make this the best blog in the Pacific.

“Social dancers think less about the steps - there are few steps in dance,
only movement. Just listen to the music and move with it,”

This blog was in first place when we had Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Aiea Ballroom Dance Association, but not any more. Perhaps one of the other blogs will show more promise. The reader/dancers are the ones that will make those decisions and of course, the feedback we can offer will make a big difference. Facebook gets 50 million photos daily. Somebody missed yours? These are meant to be "your" blogs. you can use them or not, as you please.

“Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.”
― Voltaire

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The West

We are getting some good men line dancers in the West. And they all realize that a line dance will have a certain number of counts, meaning the number of beats in one complete sequence of the dance. For example, a 64-count dance would contain 64 beats. The number of beats does not necessarily equal the number of steps, however, as steps can be performed between two beats or over more than one beat. Line dances are made up of a certain number of steps, with each step identified by a catchy name. And we are all having fun learning.

"Social dancers believe that when they dance, they forget all the bad things and
 only remember the good things. That is the best thing about dancing.”

Central Valley people seem to be holding back a little, possibly in a tendency to Private Clubism or they just accepted that everything must be done in town. We can all remember, last century, the Fat Cats in Honolulu were still holding the outskirts back. "Keep the country, country," No streets, no schools, no libraries, no shoe shores, and plenty bars. This century because of the Rail Disaster people want to "live" in the West, and work in the West and play in their own kuleana.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

But there are facts in the West that seem to be arising that Line Dancing is the best trainer for the wannabee social dancer. Aside from learning the music which is usually used in partner dancing and the timing according the different music styles. A very important factor is developing your own unique comfortable styling that goes with social dancers. From there, Partner Dancing is a skip and a jump. It seems to be coming out clearly, that the best developing dancers are coming into the partner dancing world from the line dancers. It used to be the club dancer that evolved from "street" dancing, but that is becoming scarce nowadays.

"Try to cultivate good habits - the bad ones grow wild."

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Central Valley

By Jake Miller, Waipio

Looking good where I live in the Central Valley and the most solid group of social dancers seems to be Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club. I am tied up in the evenings but I hear good things. That same group does attend some of the new Night Clubs in the area specially those that have the right music. Dot's in Wahiawa and Just Tacos in Mililani are good bets. Many social dancers in the area still attend dance in town. The Central Valley with about ten Community Centers is just waiting for some dance organization to make contact. And if they don't have a Web site I am sure this blog can give them some help.

"Social dancers can break patterns of pessimistic thinking. They can find it joyful
to dance and bring pleasure into their lives deliberately.”

How about a another dance venue in Waipio? Wow! that would really do something for the entire Valley.We do know that the Rail Disaster is going to cancel the Dance Pavilion at the Patsy Mink Recreation Park. But there is nothing we can do. We cannot do what one person tells us to do, but we can certainly hear what many of you say and then we "must" move accordingly. It should be all right for those that the would rather not bother with a blog site. As long as everyone understands that it is their decision.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

Meanwhile, in the Central Valley, in spite of the prices going up, because of the Rail Catastrophe, many seem to be focusing on having something close to home. In this case it covers Waikele, Waipio and all the way to the North Shore. There seems to be a lot of dancers in this territory. The two night spots do good, but they have Web sites and believe that's enough. The new night spot without a Web site may find that we can help and it will do very well. The Rail Crisis will cancel the Dance Pavilion at the Patsy Mink Recreation Park, but "We Will Survive."

 “Every kind of language is... a specialized form of bodily gesture, and in this
sense it may be said that dance is the mother of all languages...
an original language of total bodily gesture."

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Line Dancing in Makaha

Line dancing today in West Oahu is developing better than elsewhere. More men are getting in and enjoying it. The steps are simple and don't involve dancing with a partner, so that line dancing is ideal for singles and nondancers just starting out. One can learn the basics very well in rhythm, timing and the different kinds of music that is used in regular Ballroom and Latin dancing.

"Social dancers learn that dance is like life, we become experienced instead
of always remaining just a bunch of beginners at it”

Line dancing is taught and practiced in country and western dance bars, social clubs and dance halls around the world. We are fortunate to have classes in some of the most popular line dances performed today in the Central Valley. This is at the Wahiawa Recreation Center. taught by Carol Kohagura of the Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club.  Though the only problem on the Latin dancing is that they usually not quite Latin moves to the music. Nobody stays dumb, most of these people usually learn very well indeed.

"Have you ever seen the Rain?" by Amy Hanaialii

Of course they do have a duo line dances and it is just for fun to dance with long time partners. It is cute and fine for the couple dancing. But if you want partner dancing the social clubs have got it. The usual is based on American Style and we have been fortunate that we have had some of the best teachers of American Style dancing in Hawaii. Not very strict and the results have been some of the best dancers in the Pacific.

 “Social dancers believe they can be the change that
they wish to see in our dance world.”