Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Oahu West

West Oahu is getting some first class dancers. I saw a man dance a beautiful International Tango with his wife and then later in the evening dancing a beautiful Filipino Tango with a lady friend. Most dancers just enjoy moving to the music that is usually played in our social dances and perhaps even in our Night Clubs. And in line dancing they are coming up with more men that can dance as easily as the young, by themselves. Of course many of the dances are just too dancy fancy. Everybody learns to dance to the music not the beat. It can be because they like the song for whatever the reason.

"Social dancers can feel that if the party is not that good,
the dancing can make up for it."

Then they develop on their own, just dancing and enjoying each dance, the "timing" for each dance. Anyone can step one, two, three on the Waltz, but very soon, the "rhythm" comes in and they want to stress the movement on the one count. Gradually they develop their own unique style, all on their own and they feel comfortable with the entire package, music, timing, rhythm and their own style. But there are over 500 documented steps in every dance. Wow! Tough!

 "Let's Dance" by David Bowie  1983

To dance socially and for fun, keep away from anything that smacks of too much intermediate or advance. That is for OP (Other People.) The usual story has people that want to be "dancers" and their primary intentions are not to learn to move to music. They learn the Bronze (beginners) and they are eyeing the Silver. They are hoping to be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers overnight. When well into the Silver they are eyeing the Gold. And they finally get to the Gold division they realize they'd better go back to basics. Happens every time. LAGS (latest and greatest syndrome) is not entirely the fault of the dance teachers.

"Social Dancers will come and dance and go, but the dance lives on."