Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Line Dancers.

Nice day and I left early enough to catch the 62 bus to Wahiawa. I waited too long a time, then a bus #51 arrived with a sign that said Wahiawa. I asked the driver and he informed me that the bus had a number change. Fine with me only I had not seen it in my computer screen. Got there about seven.

I still don't know much about line dancing even with all the years that I have seen and admired it. Line dances seem easy to learn, mainly because the steps are straightforward, though they can get somewhat complicated and you do not have to coordinate your movements with a partner. Besides the steps there is a routine and line dances involve repeating a series of steps, If at any time you get lost, you may find it easy to catch up with the rest of the class. Can amount to fun and games, but on Oahu, women out number the men ten to one.

"Wahiawa Line dance is the place to meet some classy and sassy wahines.
Come join us." ~ Rodney Kohagura

Rodney and Carol got there about 7:15 and people began coming in by 7:30. And some of these good people did not get there until close to 8:00. We had five men in the room, four sitting and one, John Reed, dancing. Normal? This place gotta get more men dancing, even though some of these ladies are very good. I can see now that it is too late for me.

"Good for the Mind - Good for the Soul - And get some good aerobic exercise.
Come on out you guys, you'll have a blast." ~ John Reed.

My old age is catching up with me. Rodney took some good pictures but neither Rodney nor I noticed. I messed up. I took the camera and even extra batteries but I forgot to install the memory card. We are lucky to get these pictures from Maile, taken by Leland.

WBDC members meet regularly for dance classes on Monday and Wednesday nights.
Come join the family of dancers! We always welcome everyone.
Mahalo Nui ~ Maile Yagi