Monday, March 19, 2018


After freezing days it feels like Spring has sprung in Pearl City and I had a few things to do and then get ready for the big Trip to Wahiawa. Got most of what I would need but I forgot the camera so I hope we can get some pictures. Some people send their pictures to Facebook and Facebook gets 50 million photos per day. Somebody might see your pictures? Maybe in Libya, or Estonia. and don't forget Lower Slobavia. In our blog the only people that see our pictures are our friends and neighbors on Oahu and maybe a few on the neighbor islands. That's Bad?

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Got the new #51 bus and got off at Foodland a little after six. Got a cake and took a nice leisurely walk to the Wahiawa Recreation Center. Already at least a dozen people there helping Maile to make the set up. The music by Leland started before seven and naturally it was very well received. And after a couple of nice tunes a few couples took to the floor.

"Awesome feeling to dance with friends." ~ Amadeo

"Great camaraderie, great DJ and dancing with great friends." ~ Mae

It was almost eight when we had the ring of prayer led by Rodney. And the line for kau kau was easily formed. The potlucks in this club get better all along. And there something nice about getting some goodies that ran out too soon. Even you if did not get any of it. The different possibilities make it interesting.

"Sombras" by Javier Solis
had not heard it in a long time. Beautiful
All photos by Maile Yagi
They had nice crowd and introduced the first line dances. This group is eventually going to be the best in Men line dancers. They have not been excluded, they have excluded themselves.

"Happy St. Patrick's Day. It's a wonderful dance at the Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club."
~ Morris

I left a little before nine, in time to get the #51 bus back to Pearl City. Got home about ten and immediately proceeded to get into the dinner packed for me by Maile. Delicious as per usual. Then got on the computer and tried to remember as much as possible about the party. My memory not so good any more.

"Happy St. Patrick's Day to all at Wahiawa Ballroom. Having so much fun! Good food,
good fellowship, great music! Next stop, Aeia Balloom.! ~ Nani