Monday, April 30, 2018

WBDC Cinco de Mayo Social

Date: April 29, 2018 at 10:27:48 PM HST

Aloha Dancers!

Thank you all for coming to Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club 49th Anniversary Dance, "SAKURA" Because of you, it was a successful and enjoyable celebration! Thank you to Herb Nakagawa and Senseis representing the Haleiwa Jodo Mission. We really enjoyed the Bon Dancing and the special way that we honored our past WBDC members.

We also thank and give appreciation to Herb Nakagawa for going out of his way to lend us his many Japanese Hapi Coats and Yukatas wardrobe collection. As a reminder for tomorrow, please do not forget to return these garments back to Herb. Thank you.

WBDC's next upcoming dance is happening this FRIDAY!


"Vaya Con Dios" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Line dancing?

Line Dancing, A Dance Floor Favorite
By Treva Bedinghaus, North Shore

Line dancing is exactly what its name implies: people dancing in lines to music. Line dances are choreographed dances with a repeating series of steps that are performed in unison by a group of people in lines or rows. All of the dancers performing a line dance face the same direction and perform the steps at exactly the same time. Line dancers rarely interact with each other during a dance, as the steps are performed by everyone at the same time. A growing fun dance in West Oahu and picking up the best men line dancers on this Island.

"Social dancers believe that line dancing can be fun for everyone.
great exercise, increases stamina and it's cheap."

Although many popular line dances are set to country music, the first line dances did not originate from country and western dancing. Line dancing is believed to have originated from folk dancing, which has many similarities. Contra dancing, a form of American folk dance in which the dancers form two parallel lines and perform a sequence of dance movements with different partners down the length of the line, probably had a huge influence on the line dancing steps we are familiar with today.

The Electric Slide is done to the song, "Electric Boogie."

During the 1980's, line dances began to be created for popular country songs. Basic line dances focus on movements of the legs and feet, with more advanced dances including the arms and hands. The movements of a line dance are marked as "counts." Generally, one count equals one musical beat, with a particular movement or step taking place at each beat. A line dance will have a certain number of counts, meaning the number of beats in one complete sequence of the dance. (There may be more information later.)

“Social dancers believe that we are designed to dance. To move our bodies
as weapons of grace, beauty and intrigue to music." 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Wahiawa Anniversary

I woke this Saturday morning with my usual depression because I live in a prison of my own making. But I soon got out of it with my errands, like taking my medications and getting on my computer. Then I had to plan the day to be ready by 5 pm, when the Handi Van would  arrive to take me to Halemano Plantation Camp 808. And the Van was late but no hu hu, they do a good job. I arrived about 6:30 and the place was jumping.

I did not want to make a grand entrance so I went in slowly and found a new place to set my walker down right next to Carmen Mendoza. Slowly I said hello to most of the nice people there. Got some people to take some pictures but somebody pressed the wrong button somewhere and I only got 8 photos. I usually am able to get pictures if I don't have anybody waiting for me to take it. I do not know what I am doing right or what they are doing wrong. Fortunately Maile emailed me most of the photos in this blog.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

I took my mix, found a nice plastic cup and a nice lady got me some ice cubes. Voila, I had something to sip while enjoying the scenery. Terrific music by DJ Leland  and it was evident that the dancers were having fun, If course, for me the Bon Dance was the high light of the evening. I had never seen anything like that in the forty years I have lived here. Beautiful music, simple steps, similar to line dancing except that these people were with each other, though by themselves. They seemed to be a group of good friends, individuals and apart, but together.

"Walk With Me Through Paradise" by Melveen Leed

Maile got me a good dish of food to take home and then they gave me another. I have enough for three meals. After nine I got ready for the Handi Van but he did not get there until 20 minutes later. But that's still fine with me. He got me home by ten thirty. And first thing I did was eat. Somehow I always get such delicious food from these people.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

This social dance club is doing what many other successful clubs do. You got to do what you can to make the party as pleasant as possible for the members. They always decide what the theme of the party is and many of the dancers were dressed with some type of Japanese clothing. This was it, good music, good friends to talk story with, dance and dance and of course there is always those ono grinds.

"Social dancers hope that they may - live - every day of their life.”

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Da Big Bash

I got some news of what is happening in our dance circles this week but not much. With time I may get more notices for our schedule Blog, Dance And Live. It still has a chance. The other blogs are plodding ahead but need feedback from the reader/dancers. Those dancers willing to share their pearls of dance wisdom with their fellow dancers.

“Social dancers believe that we are designed to dance. To use our bodies
as weapons of movement, grace, beauty and intrigue."

Of course we must acknowledge Aiea Ballroom Dance Association and their terrific Anniversary dance at the famous Palladium. And we must acknowledge that coming up is the big one for the Central Valley. And that is the Anniversary dance  of Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club, sister club with Aiea. These two "old" clubs are the hub of social dancing in West Oahu. We are going to get one more that is for sure. We are getting more social dancers that identify with West Oahu.

"Kahalaopuna" by Amy Hanaialii

Meanwhile, line dancing in West Oahu is already an accepted part of the Social Dance scene. We have some good line dancers in Wahiawa. So men wannabees can get more into that, even if just for the fun of it and just let it roll. "That's it!" The basics are Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Swing and Tango. As social dancers, you already know the rhythms, just get in there, join the crowd and move to that music, you will enjoy. Of course some of it does gets too complicated and you can just cancel.

“What you do does make a difference, and you have to decide
what kind of difference you want to make.”

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Aiea Ballroom Anniversary

Got there easily, the Handi Van got there in nice time, but coming back was horrible. Missed my Handi Van, long walk to the bus and got the first bus going to town. Then waited an hour for a bus to get me back home in Pearl City. Lucky when I got home and checked the camera. Vickie took some excellent pictures of who? Just us and that is the name of our game.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Frankie Laine

It was a very pleasant evening, watching all these nice people dancing and socializing. Good social dancers. Of course there were others too, of the deluxe kind and many are so good they could become professionals very easily. And the Palladium has plenty of room for their kind of dancing. And since everyone is having fun doing their thing, no hu hu. I posted two collages in the Town Dancer blog and had enough left over to get another collage in here.

"Aiea family, good fun, let's dance." ~ Glen Hiramoto

All photos taken by Vickie Hiramoto

"Thank you, Joe for coming and doing this blog. What fun 63rd Anniversary party
we had. Thank you dancers, Aiea board, and volunteers. See you at our next
dance at the Palladium, Friday, May, 11th. 6 to 9:30 PM." ~ Deanie

And this Saturday, Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club will have their Anniversary Dance. Everyone was invited, I think.

Another Fun Party just waiting for us.
"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Still Looking Good

This blog still in front of Town Dancer but still not far enough to conclude anything. For sure a Guest Blogger would make a difference for either one of the blogs. Patience, while we enjoy our dancing and learning how to better ourselves to enjoy more. We may learn more of the basic simple moves that enable all the elements of physical activity to better our physical fitness. The Even Step is pretty simple and used in other activities such as walking. Then we have the Rock Step, very useful to move to music and used in a thousand dances. And next is the Chassé, like the Rock Step, essential.

“Social dancers believe that when you dance, your whole body dances,
even if is not moving.  Your skin and bones, the roots of your hair.
When you stop dancing, you stop living.” 

The social dances in town seem to be doing quite well. Many have their own websites and a few are on Twitter and Facebook. It is impressive that Facebook has 50 million photos submitted daily. The results are that most have packed houses and may not need a dance blog to increase their public relations. They are certainly entitled to their preferences. Meanwhile we have two anniversary dances coming up. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club on Saturday, April 21st and Aiea Ballroom Dance Association on Saturday, April 14th.

"I'll Remember You" by Don Ho

The higher up you go, the more mistakes you are allowed. Right at the top,
if you make enough of them, it's considered to be your style.  ~ Fred Astaire

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Leading The Way

Stop and think about who and what you are.  As a social dancer, you are a human being and your greatest power is your will, or your ability to reason and make your own choices. It’s what commands all other aspects of your life. This power is the only thing that cannot be controlled or taken away from you by anyone, and it is what separates you from the other animals in this world. Don’t forget that you possess this power, and don’t squander it.

"Social dancers know that when they started moving towards that dream,
their feet developed the quality of dance.”

Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Aiea Ballroom Dance Association both have anniversary dances this month. And these are two of the oldest dance clubs in Hawaii. Aiea Ballroom will be at the famous Palladium on Saturday, April 14th. Wahiawa Ballroom will be at the famous Helemano Plantation 808 on April 21st. Both places are going  to be jumping and I will be there to blog'em. Unfortunately, in my old age, I have developed fumbleitis and I cannot take photos like I use to.

"With A Song In My Heart" by Doris Day  1952

Maile has been our number one photo contributor in emailing some very good photos of our fellow dancers for presentation in our blogs. All I can ask for is four or five photos of your favorite people at the dance. With a little two or three sentence commentary on the occasion, it can flesh out into a nice blog and the hits go through the roof. It is not my opinion, or her opinion, or his opinion, it is your opinion and that is what is so valuable. It's for our people and the availability for our reader/dancers is crucial. This is not Facebook, - they get 50 million photos daily.

 "New Singer in Town, Alamo Anna, don't know if she is from Texas or Hawaii."