Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Line Dancing in Makaha

Line dancing today in West Oahu is developing better than elsewhere. More men are getting in and enjoying it. The steps are simple and don't involve dancing with a partner, so that line dancing is ideal for singles and nondancers just starting out. One can learn the basics very well in rhythm, timing and the different kinds of music that is used in regular Ballroom and Latin dancing.

"Social dancers learn that dance is like life, we become experienced instead
of always remaining just a bunch of beginners at it”

Line dancing is taught and practiced in country and western dance bars, social clubs and dance halls around the world. We are fortunate to have classes in some of the most popular line dances performed today in the Central Valley. This is at the Wahiawa Recreation Center. taught by Carol Kohagura of the Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club.  Though the only problem on the Latin dancing is that they usually not quite Latin moves to the music. Nobody stays dumb, most of these people usually learn very well indeed.

"Have you ever seen the Rain?" by Amy Hanaialii

Of course they do have a duo line dances and it is just for fun to dance with long time partners. It is cute and fine for the couple dancing. But if you want partner dancing the social clubs have got it. The usual is based on American Style and we have been fortunate that we have had some of the best teachers of American Style dancing in Hawaii. Not very strict and the results have been some of the best dancers in the Pacific.

 “Social dancers believe they can be the change that
they wish to see in our dance world.”