Thursday, July 5, 2018


This blog is evolving though slowly but surely and like all our blogs we need feedback. And what is feedback? Hell, we don't know either.  Part of feedback is photos and for us they are continually hard to find. Everyone sends them to Photobucket, Facebook, Flicker, Picasa and not many senders know that the Micros receive over 100 million photos daily and available for the members of these Micros over the entire world to see. We just cover Oahu and the photos are for the benefit of our fellow dancers on this island. No one needs membership to see any of out blogs. Just tune in and you got it.

There are no rules in blog photos but there are guidelines and anyone still has the right to use whatever photo they damn well please. For our blogs two people are better than one. And anyone should be able to see the advantage of having two people in the same photo being better than just one. Three is better than two and four is better that three. However, 17 is not better than 16. The photographer makes the ultimate decision and it should stand. One other suggestion for blogging is if you can avoid the peas in a pod picture, which is not easy.

 1990 "Praying For Time" by George Michael

Kapolei - Second City is beginning to roll.

I cannot take photos with my camera, I have fumbleitis. However, I pass it around and hope each person can get three of four pictures of "their friends." I now make six picture collages to get bigger pictures, so that getting 13 or 20 pictures gives me enough to get the best in the collages. Passing the camera around gives us the advantage of getting a more diverse group in the blog instead of all being the close members of the one photographer. I like the advantage - for the photees, the blog, the reader/dancers, the club, everyone. This is social media, it should be a win-win situation.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
~ Mark Twain